Fence and Sky

I was walking up this road

you see.

I saw this barbed wire fence

just lazing there

waiting.  Daring me

to get to the other side.



I would, you know

get to the other side

and all that.



But it knew that I knew

that it knew –

I would have to cross

it to get there.

Barbs and all.








Today I learned how to use manual focus and close up on my camera.  Yes, yes, I am a bit slow ha!

What a delicate Miss

Or maybe he?

I feel she

be so perched



Just to me.

To she or he

quite fierce

they be

but to me

a most delicate




Church on a Hill

Church on a Hill

This is Mont Saint-Michel de Brasparts in Brittany France.  It is all alone on the hill.



What a yellow day it was.

It was

beneath the blue

and the softest white.

No shadows to hide their




What a yellow day it was.


A Sadness

Dark Clouds

Dark clouds rolling in – just for a time.

I have a sadness, a loss at this time until forever.  There are dark clouds all around, rolling in as they are known to do, but I know that it will be just for a time.   Behind them, the sunshine is poised, ready to take its place.

Summer’s Grain

Summer's Grain

It has been a blustery summer with gale winds and rain.  While driving through the countryside, we saw fields of grain, yielding to the wind – en mass.  It was a beautiful sight to see as summer’s night was quickly approaching.


Telephone Booth

Telephone Booth.

In my travels, I came upon a booth.  It is such a lonely booth with dust and debris inside, the phone casing needing some paint, its walls used as a board.  Its dignity encased in metal, staunch as it ages though through its glass, beckoning us closer to include it.  I felt it drawing me with memories of other booths that sheltered me from the rain.  That kept me feeling safe as violence danced around it, hiding this tiny dancer – ages ago in a land far, far away.  And the calls that were made… love reverberating through its lines.  And tears.

I never met a booth that I did not like.

Skyscape 7 Nightfall


Nightfall -  skyscape 7

On this hill, the top rises into the clouds.  I tilt my head back to see the very top.

I look up, the sun goes down.

There are cow there, witnesses.

I love how the sky is unabashed in its splendor.  It is always naked and raw – stormy or calm.



Cold Dawn

Cold Dawn

I am reposting this from my book review blog,  Romance is Chocolate.

I took this photo on one of the coldest mornings this past winter.




They fade, their visage, their places.

But the feeling never leaves me of their affection, their grace – a respite from the hard, sharp angles  of life.

Over my ages, they travel inside of me – their endless love, like a distant star’s light.

Will it fade also?

Or will it continue – bright until the ends of the universe?